King George The Third Coin Money Clips



George III was the longest reigning male British monarch. Born on June 4, 1738, he was the son of Frederick, Prince of Wales, and grandson of George II. He succeeded his grandfather in 1760, his father having died in 1751. George III was always powerful in politics. He was a strong supporter of the war against America, and he viewed the concession of independence in 1783 with such detestation that he considered abdicating his throne.


He was seen as a strong-minded but public-spirited monarch who perhaps ascended the throne at an young and impressionable age. He learned quickly, however, and developed into a shrewd and sensible statesman. The best loved of the Hanoverian rulers, he enjoyed a personal reputation that stood his house in good stead during the disastrous reign of his son George. George III died on January 29, 1820.

  • Features: George III
  • Region: England
  • Mint: London
  • Materials: Silver Coin
  • Framing: 14k
  • Reverse: Coat of Arms
  • Denomination: 21 Shillings
  • Date: 1794 AD
  • Stones: Diamonds, 0.15CT; Rubies, 0.19CT
  • Reference #: 5061
  • Price: $ 2,795 (USD)

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