Diaz Dictatorship Coin Money Clips



Except for one term from 1880 to 1884, when the nominal power was in the hands of one of his aides, Diaz ruled Mexico as a Despot until 1911. Under the Diaz dictatorship Mexico made tremendous advances in economic and commercial development. Industrial plants, railroad extension, public works, harbor improvement, and public building were part of the Diaz program.


Many of the new undertakings were financed and managed by foreigners. This became a major factor in the discontent of most Mexicans under the autocratic Diaz government. Moreover, Diaz favored the rich owners of large estates, increasing their properties by assigning them communal lands that belonged to the Native Americans.


When the Native Americans revolted, they were sold into peonage. The dictator paid little attention to education for the people, and he favored the church, paying little heed to the secularization policy of 1859. Discontent and a spirit of revolt increased throughout Mexico. In 1908, aware of this discontent, Diaz announced that he would welcome an opposition candidate in the 1910 election, in order to prove his regard for democracy. The candidate put forward by the liberal group was Francisco indalecio madero. The influence of madero grew and although he was imprisoned for a time on a pretext by Diaz, the liberal leader became increasingly active.


Diaz was forced to resign in 1911 and soon afterward left Mexico permanently. This is a coin of this period.

  • Features: Eagle
  • Region: Mexico
  • Mint: Mexico City
  • Materials: Gold Coin
  • Framing: 14k
  • Reverse: Wreath
  • Denomination: Peso
  • Date: 1899 AD
  • Stones:
  • Reference #: 2250
  • Price: $1,395 (USD)

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