Lysimachos Coin Pendant

  • Features: Alexander III “The Great”
  • Region: Thrace
  • Mint: Lysimachos
  • Materials: Gold Coin
  • Framing: 14k
  • Reverse: Athena Enthroned
  • Denomination: Stater
  • Date: 297 — 281 BC
  • Stones: Diamond, 0.63CT; Rubies, 0.82 CT
  • Price: $6,995 (USD)
  • Reference Number: 6606




One of the most remarkable successors to Alexander III, Lysimachos was born in Thessaly, and came up through the ranks to become bodyguard to his king. In the confusion following Alexanders’ death Lysimachos took control of Thrace, and founded his own capital city, naming it for himself, Lysimacheia.


Most of his coinage was struck there. This coin was minted in honor of and in the image of Alexander III, Lysimachos mentor. In 305 BC, Lysimachos took the title of king, and within four years had extended his rule to include most of Asia Minor, becoming firmly entrenched with the defeat of antigonos the one-eyed at Ipsos. Lysimachos died at the battle of Korupedion and his kingdom disappeared soon after.


His memory, and the stunning beauty of his coins, lived on, however, and generations later a number of mints in the Black Sea area restored his coinage for their own issues.

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