Michaelangelo Coin Pendants



Defined as a piece of metal, cast or struck, often coin-shaped, commemorative medallions are issued to honor a notable event or person. Michaelangelo Buonarroti was such a person, and his works are such events. His talent was seen early on by his father who placed him in Tutelage of Ghirlandaio, a respected artist of the day.


Although he claimed he was self-taught, it is documented that he studied with the sculptor Bertoldo Di Giovanni, who was employed by the Medici family, and Michaelangelo later lived with the family and studied the great philosophers of the time. Although his natural talent is a given, as well as the fact that he learned more from observation than instruction, his work shows the influence of the artists of his day.


Michaelangelo’s was a true artistic nature, touching each and every aspect of life. He was a sculptor, painter, architect and poet. He enjoyed a long and colorful life, leaving behind a legacy of beauty and grace.

  • Features: Michaelangelo
  • Region: France
  • Mint:
  • Materials: Silver Medallion
  • Framing: 14k
  • Reverse: Legend
  • Denomination:
  • Date: 1886 AD
  • Stones:
  • Reference #: GSO-130
  • Price: $995 (USD)

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