King George II Coin Pendants



George II was King of Great Britain from 1727 until 1760, and also Elector of Hannover from 1727 until 1760, and the son of King George I. George was born at Herrenhausen Palace in Hannover and he grew up a German prince. In 1705 he married Caroline of Ansbach, an intelligent woman who wielded great influence over her husband and thereby on government. Like his father, george II was more interested in Hannover than in Great Britain, and during his many absences from London Caroline frequently acted as regent.


During the War of the Austrian Succession, the king subordinated the interests of Great Britain to those of his German principality, to British criticism, but won admiration for his courage at the Battle of Dettingen in Bavaria, the last engagement in which a British monarch participated in person.


Great Britain saw substantial material progress during george II’s reign, mainly because he was shrewd enough to listen to his wife and heed the advice of his ministers. Upon Caroline’s insistence he retained Sir Robert Walpole as Chief Minister and he later relied on Henry Pelham, and, toward the end of his reign, William Pitt the elder, despite his earlier great dislike for him. George was succeeded by his grandson George III, when he died at Kensington Palace, London, on October 25, 1760.

  • Features: George II
  • Region: Great Britain
  • Mint:
  • Materials: Silver Medallion
  • Framing: 14k
  • Reverse: Coronation
  • Denomination:
  • Date: 1727 AD
  • Stones:
  • Reference #: GSO-186
  • Price: $1,495 (USD)

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