Ancient Artifacts and Antiquities

Ancient artifacts and antiques can be difficult to come by, even if you know where to look. Allow Ancient Creations to do the work for you. We will search near and far for the ancient artifact or antique that you have been looking for.

Bronze Head of Nero

Bronze Head of Nero


Here are some of the ancient artifacts and antiques we can help you find:


  • Roman Glass
  • Weaponry From Ancient Times
  • Ushabtis and Amulets
  • Cuneiform Tablets and Cylinder Seals
  • Oil Lamps and Pottery
  • Bronzes and Statuary
  • Mayan
  • Other Artifacts


If you are looking for any of the above, or even have something else in mind contact us now and lets talk. Share the ancient world by letting us help you find a one of a kind ancient artifacts and/or antique piece.

You can customize and create your own one of a kind design. Call us at (702) 907-9395 or Email Us Now.