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Julius Caesar

Date: 49-44 BC
Framing: 14K
Stones:Diamonds 0.48
Region: Roman Republic
Ring Size: 12
Reverse: Priestly Implements
Denomination: Denarius


The History

Few names in history ring with the familiarity of Julius Caesar, for he was one of the world's most remarkable leaders. It's impossible to tell how the course of history would have changed had Julius Caesar not fallen victim to a plot against his life on the Ides of March, 44 BC. Caesar began his path to fame and power by leading an army against the Celtic tribes in Gaul (modern France). After narrowly escaping death on several occasions, Caesar conquered Gaul in the name of the Roman Republic, and then returned to Rome to advance on his own political career. He had only one goal: To gain supreme power and rule Rome as a dictator. Caesar was the first living Roman to place his portrait on coins, which in some cases was accompanied by the inscription "Perpetual Dictator". This coin states plainly: "CAESAR", a bold indication of Julius Caesar taking credit for his military victories. Above the inscription, the elephant represents the awesome power of Rome, trampling a serpent, which symbolizes their enemies. The priestly implements on the reverse of the coin help show the important ritual side of Roman battle. These symbols are as follows: Simpulum- a small vessel or ladle used in making sacrifices, Sprinkler- used in spraying or anointing, Axe - another symbol of war, mounted with a wolfs head, and an Apex- or leather cap worn by a Roman priest.

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