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The Lucky Tibetan Lotus Coin

Date: 1880-1895 AD
Framing: Silver-14K
Region: Southeast Asia
Ring Size:
Reverse: Dharma Wheel
Denomination: Ga-Den Tangka
Size: Half-Dollar


The History

In Tibet, these silver hammered coins referred to as Ga-den Tangka were used from the 18th century until the early 20th century. This coin features the 8 sacred lucky symbols of Tibetan Buddhism. Starting at the top of the coin in the 12 o'clock position, work clockwise to identify each symbol: 1. the parasol, or "the magic umbrella" is a symbol of royalty, wealth and honor. 2. The Golden Fish, or "coupled fish" represents fertility, abundance and the attraction of physical wealth. 3. "The Holy Lotus" is a flower that is also featured in the large center of the coin. It is the sacred symbol of purity and spiritual perfection. 4. The Diamond Knot, or "Lucky Diagram" is an intertwining and never-ending winding knot, a symbol of longevity and love. 5. "The Golden wheel" is a solar symbol (symbol of the sun) of protection and creation. 6. The Satin Cylinder, or "The Victory Banner" is a call back to ancient battle where a flag was used to intimidate the enemy. It represents power to help overcome obstacles. 7. The Conch Shell, or "White Snail of Spiral Shell" is what was blown like a trumpet to sound victory, and is a symbol of strength and victory. 8. The Magic Bottle, or "Vase of inexhaustible Treasure" is a vessel filled with riches and jewels. The vase refills itself, so no matter how many times it is emptied, it always remains filled with treasure. Each of these symbols associated together makes this coin a very lucky item. In the same spirit of the Chinese feng shui, the Tibetan Buddhist symbols represent items that bring an association of the universe to human beings. The symbols each have unique qualities to bring status, wealth, spiritual purity, love, protection, power, personal victory and abundance.

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